The above event takes place at the Emirates Arena on Sunday 7 February 2016. Unfortunately this year, clubs have been limited to entering a  maximum of  2 boys and 2 girls teams. This will mean that we have been unable to enter all of the teams/ athletes that we would like to have selected. For those who have missed out on this occasion, the club will be attending many more events over the coming weeks and months and there will be many opportunities for everyone to compete. The teams can be found

Under 12 Superteams

Boys A

Girls A

Lucas Frew

Melissa Manfredini

Sam Bloomfield

Keri Welsford

Craig Little

Lucy Bowman

Calum Hendry

Evie Dougan

Boys B

Girls B

Euan Wallace

Mia Forrest

Ethan Cunningham

Amy Cruden

Jude Neville

Elise MacDuff

Adam Atkinson

Olivia Akindele