This Sunday our Club will host our very own Club Championships to bring this year’s Summer Season to a close, which is a great fun relaxed day for all our Club Members of which over 100 Club Athletes have signed up to take part 😊

Athlete Entries & Proposed Event Timetable (as of 15th September)
With all the Athletes having already submitted their entries, the timetable of events (as of 15th September) can be found here.

For those that need a gentle reminder what events they have signed up to, all Athlete entries these can be found here

Can all Athletes please make sure they are at GHS at least 30mins before their event to allow you to pick up your number and warmup.

Event Officials & Helpers on the Day
A special thanks to all our Club Coaches, Officials and Parent Helpers who have kindly agreed to give up their time to help run this year’s event – a copy of where everyone has been assigned to can be found here.

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided for all Club Officials and Parent Helpers in the School Assembly Hall.

Can I please ask all our helpers to please be at GHS 30mins before the first event of their Event Area – thanks 🙏 

What Athletes Need to Bring
With the current weather forecast looking a wee bit mixed therefore can I please ask all parents/guardians and Club Athletes to please dress appropriately and for Athletes to bring the following with them in their bag to keep them warm between events:

– Club Vest
– Club T-shirt
– 8 x pins
– Club Hoodie
– Light Showerproof Jacket
– Shorts/ Leggings (whatever the Athlete is comfortable competing in)
– Bottoms/ leggings (for in between events)
– Bottle of water, pack lunch (if planning to be there most of the day)

One Last Thing 😇
On behalf of all at the Club, I would like to wish all the Athletes who are taking part this Sunday all the best – have fun – go and enjoy 🤞😊