A couple of weeks ago, quite a few of our club athletes were competing on behalf of their schools at the Scottish Schools Championships and they all did really well, with a special mention going to our throwers who came away with lots of medals!

Angus – GOLD in U15 Hammer and BRONZE in U15 shot put. Well done Angus!

Hana – SILVER in U20 Hammer (PB) and SILVER in U20 discus (PB).  Well done Hana!

Sophie – GOLD in U15 Hammer (PB).  Well done Sophie!

Lucy – BRONZE in U15 Hammer (PB).  Well done Lucy!

Logan C – 5th in U15 School Pentathlon (PBs in 200, 800, Hurdles, shot), 5th in U15 80H heat and 8th in the 80H final.  Well done Logan C!

Ava D – 7th in U15 Pentathlon, 18th in U15 Long Jump.  Well done Ava D!

Ben – 7th in U17 100m heat.  Well done Ben!

Kaela – 5th in U17 100m heat (PB), 7th in 100m Final (PB).  Well done Kaela!

Chloe – 3rd in U15 200m heat, 5th in U15 200m Semi, 2nd in U15 75H heat, and 6th in the U15 75H Final.  Well done Chloe!

Finn – 7th in U17 200m heat.  Well done Finn!

Grant – 3rd in U17 200m heat, 5th in U17 200m Semi, 1st in 400m heat and BRONZE in U17 400m Final.  Well done Grant!

Jemma – 4th in heat of U15 800m.  Well done Jemma!

Erin – 6th in heat of U15 75H, 7th= in High jump (PB).  Well done Erin!

Euan – SILVER in U20 110H (PB).  Well done Euan!

Niamh R – 4th= in U17 High Jump, 2nd in U17 300H heat and 6th in U17 300H Final.  Well done Niamh R!

Ava A – 14th in U17 High Jump.  Well done Ava A!

Niamh P – GOLD in U15 shot put, and GOLD in U15 discus (PB).  Well done Niamh P!

Emily – BRONZE in U15 shot put and 6th in U15 javelin.  Well done Emily!

Jessica – GOLD in U15 javelin and 5th in U15 discus (PB).  Well done Jessica!

Logan T – GOLD in U17 javelin.  Well done Logan!

Rory – GOLD in U15 Javelin.  Well done Rory!

Lots of amazing performances and 14 medals in all, the club is very proud of you all!  Thank you as always to their coaches and parents for your continued support!