Enhancing Our Club Athlete Development Footprint

Looking back to Move Forward
Over the past 14 years our Club has grown and changed its shape in many ways; from the increase in number of Athletes, Coaches and Parent Helpers to taking part in various types of events and competitions all over the UK and in Europe and moving to Greenfaulds High School – however one area that has remained relatively the same is our Athlete Development Model, which is driven by UK Athletics.

Over the past couple of months, we have been involved in a number of discussions with Jefferson Performance in Nutrition and Physical Preparation to see how best we can look at complement and improve our current Athlete Development model within our Club.

Our NEW Athlete, Coach & Parent Workshops
Over the next 12 months we have scheduled the following Workshop, with them all being held at Greenfaulds High School:


Physical Preparation

As the Saying Goes – “Rome wasn’t built in a day” 🙂
As a Club we will have the opportunity to evolve future sessions to ensure Athletes, Coaches and Parents get the most from these sessions, if anyone has anything they would like to include, please don’t hesitate to mail Stephen at cumbernauldaac.secretary@gmail.com

Save the dates if you can – look forward to seeing you at the sessions!