On Saturday 10th December 2022, the club will be taking part in the second Indoor League match of this year. Unfortunately we are still restricted in the number of athletes we can take.

Attached is a current teamsheet, please speak to your coach if you would like to fill any gaps.


Also attached is a timetable. As always, there are no definite times for the track events, just a running order, so we suggest you get there as early as possible so you don’t miss your event. Also, there are times for the field events, but these can also run early or late, so please make sure you are in plenty of time for these too. We would suggest you get there for as close to 8.45 as you can, or if you are sure you are just doing a later event, then please make sure you are there at least an hour before your event.

SAIL Timetable 27:11:22

If you have any questions at all, please check with your coach.
Good luck to everyone taking part!