On Saturday night, the club got together for a fantastic night, celebrating the success of all our athletes in 2022. Thank you to Lynsey and Julie for organising it all.

⭐️Huge congratulations to our Athletes of the Year for 2022 ⭐️!
U11G – Anna Lang
U11B – Jamie Evans
U13G – Emily Allison
U13B – Rory McFarlane
U15G – Niamh Pegrum
U15B – Richard Alexander
U17W – Hana Gay
U17M – Logan Turnbull
U20W – Amy Kennedy
U20M – Calum Mackenzie
SW – Alicia Paton
SM – Colin Forbes
MW – Carla McLellan
MM – Stephen Allen

Congratulations also to the following athletes:

Most Improved Athletes: Erin Longmuir and Jack Breakell

Most Promising Newcomers: Freya Bellingham and Logan Craig

Endeavour Awards:
Ellie Breakell
Louie Tervit
Ryan McGowan
Niamh Reilly
Arran Wallace
Ben Farmer
Jemma MacLeod
Luke Tervit
Hannah Wallace
Finley Pinkerton

2022 Club Championship Results:

1st 🥇 Cheyenne Kolegar
2nd 🥈 Grace Watt
3rd 🥉 Sandie Keddie
1st 🥇Jamie Evans
2nd 🥈 Charlie Turnbull
3rd 🥉 Jamie Cowan
1st 🥇 Erin Longmuir
2nd 🥈 Emily Allison
3rd 🥉 Sophie Robertson
1st 🥇 Rory McFarlane
2nd 🥈 Logan Craig
3rd 🥉 Aiden Smith
1st 🥇 Chloe Coleman
2nd 🥈 Niamh Pegrum
3rd =🥉 Jemma McLeod/Jessica Young
1st 🥇 Angus Gay
2nd 🥈 Sam Wishart
3rd 🥉 Jamie Dyce
1st 🥇 Hana Gay
2nd 🥈 Gracie Ward
3rd 🥉
1st 🥇 Logan Turnbull
2nd 🥈 Jack Breakell
3rd 🥉 David Muza
1st 🥇 Hannah Wallace
2nd 🥈
3rd 🥉
1st 🥇 William Paterson
2nd 🥈 Euan Wallace
3rd 🥉 Luke Tervit
Senior Women
1st 🥇 Alicia Paton
2nd 🥈
3rd 🥉
Senior Men
1st 🥇 Finley Pinkerton
2nd 🥈 Scott Meenagh
3rd 🥉

What an amazing list of athletes! Well done to you all, and also well done to all the other athletes in the club who turn up and work hard all year. We are very proud of you all! 👏🏻👏🏻