On Thursday, 17th September,  the club received the fantastic news from Culture NL that we are able to resume training at GHS as of Monday 21st September using only the outdoor Track and Field facilities inline with the Guidelines as set out by Scottish Athletics 🙂

So what does  “Inline with Scottish Athletics Guidelines” Mean?

As much as we would all love to start back our first night at GHS the way we finished our last session there in March with all Athletes, Coaches and Club Officials in attendance unfortunately we can’t as we need to ensure the safety of Athletes and Club Coaches by applying all the Scottish Athletics Phase 3 Covid-19 Guidelines for both Athletes and Coaches, which hopefully everyone has seen in the recent email that was sent out to all Club Members.

As the current Scottish Athletics Guidelines includes Lanarkshire as part of their additional measures for those Local Authorities in further lock down restrictions, we have to ensure we strictly follow the revised Coach to Athlete ratio, which is 1:8 (one Coach to eight Athletes).

This revised Coach to Athlete ratio has unfortunately had an impact on the number of Athletes both our Multi-Event Groups  can safely cater for on a given Club Training Night therefore the Coaches of these groups have allocated Athletes to specific sessions on both Monday and Thursday Club Nights, which they have communicated to all of their Athletes.

If you are in one of the Multi-Event Groups and haven’t received an email can you please contact our Membership Secretary at cumbernauldaac.membership@gmail.com and we can follow up for you.

A BIG Ask of you All 🙂

On behalf of the Club’s Board of Trustees and Club Coaches, can I please ask all Parents/ Guardians and Athletes to:

  • Please take the time to read the recent email that has been sent out by our Membership Secretary regarding starting back to GHS safely as it is important that we all follow the guidelines set out by both our Club and Scottish Athletics;
  • For those in the Multi Event Groups, can all the Athletes please stick to the Sessions that you have been allocated to, as it is so important that our Club keeps to our Coach:Athlete ratio, (1:8).


As we start back next week, I would like to take the time to say a BIG thanks to our Club Covid-19 Coordinators, Andrena and Sally who have done a great job in guiding us all through this ever moving challenging time over the past months and also to all our Club Coaches and Club Officials who have shown great commitment all on a voluntary basis in keeping our Club and our Athletes going and involved through creative sessions and virtual events over the past 6 months and last but not least Francis Smith, our Scottish Athletics National Club Manager, keeping us informed when key changes happened – THANK YOU ALL 🙂