Well done to everyone who took part in week 1 of the Virtual Superteams, we hope you all had fun!
This week it’s Vertical Jump and a Longer run!

Vertical Jump
• The athlete stands with their back and heels touching the wall and both arms stretching upwards. The point where the athlete’s fingertips reach in this standing position should be marked with tape, chalk, a post-it note or another suitable method (without damaging the wall surface!).
• The athlete should then turn side-on and move away slightly from the wall. They should then jump as high as they can, and touch the wall as far above their original mark as they can reach.
• The distance between their reach point and the original mark should be measured with a tape measure or ruler.
• Should athletes wish, they could use chalk or similar to leave a mark at the top of their jump
to aid measurement- although you should check with an adult before doing this.
• Measurements should be recorded in metres, to the nearest centimetre: 45cm = 0.45

800m/1K Run
• Athletes in the U11 and U13 age groups should complete an 800m run as their endurance challenge; whilst U15s are tasked with completing a 1K run.
• The 800m/1K run involves the farthest travel from the home. It is recommended that athletes walk their planned route with an adult before running their timed attempt, and all athletes must be supervised by a responsible adult whilst completing their run.
• Athletes should have assistance from an adult in measuring out a 4/500m route (out and back) or 800m/1km route (loop starting and ending at the same point) using a GPS device or other method of measurement. You could also use a website like Mapometer to plan your route.
• The endurance run should be completed on roads or paths, not around a track. We do not anticipate that all athletes taking part in the Challenge will have access to a track and hope to make the event as fair as possible.
• All government guidelines in regard to physical distancing must be strictly adhered to during the endurance run. Any changes to the government guidelines will be implemented immediately.
o Athletes must avoid busy routes where they will be unable to social distance.
• The supervising adult is expected to conduct a dynamic risk assessment whilst planning the
Do not run after dark.
TheSUPERteams Challenge runs for a full week, so avoid bad weather if possible.
• Times can be recorded using any standard stopwatch, including a smartphone app. Times should be recorded by a responsible adult. Times should be recorded and rounded up to the closest second: 2:48.55 = 2:49; 3:34.16 = 3:35.

Your results should be uploaded to the link provided by 5.00pm on Sunday. Good luck everyone!