Over the next two weeks, Scottish Athletics are hosting another Superteams competition virtually, so all our eligible athletes will be taking part in the events in their own garden.  This time it is open to u11s, u13s and u15s, so we hope to see lots of you taking part!

This will take place over the next 2 weeks, and will comprise two events each week – a sprint, a throw, a standing vertical jump and a longer run. Instructions for week 1 (Sprints and Throws) are below, please get a parent or carer to measure you and ideally video you.  You can do as many attempts as you like throughout the week, and then submit your best score by 5.00pm on Sunday 19th July.  You will receive a text with  instructions on how to submit your results.

80m Shuttle Sprint

  • The shuttle run should be completed over a 10m course, measured out on a flat, dry grass or road surface in the garden, on the driveway or even on a track if you have access to one (although athletes should wear trainers, not spikes, if on a track).
  • The course should be measured using a tape measure if possible, but an adult can measure out 10 even strides if a tape measure is not available. Please aim to be as accurate as possible.
  • Run 8 back-to-back repetitions of the 10m course to give one 80m time.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the athlete touches the ground with one hand at the 10m mark at both ends of the run. At least one foot should also cross the line at the end of each repetition. This can be judged by an adult or another athlete.
  • Times can be recorded using any standard stopwatch, including a smartphone app. Times should be recorded by a responsible adult. Times should be recorded to one tenth of a second, always rounding up: 20.08 = 20.1; 32.66 = 32.7Target Throw
  • A target should be placed 3m away from the athlete. Suitable targets include a washing basket, dog bed, hula hoop or large bucket, or even a circle drawn on the ground with chalk (although athletes should ask an adult first!).
  • The athlete has 10 attempts to throw a pair of balled up socks into the target from the 3m marker. You can use the same pair of socks 10 times, 10 different pairs, or any combination to total 10 attempts. Socks can be any size, colour, material.
  • Socks must land in the target and stay there – no bounces in or out!
  • Each successful throw earns 5 points. Keep track of your score as you go.
  • Following 10 attempts at the 3m target, the target should be moved to 5m away for a further 5 attempts, and then to 7m away for a further 5 attempts. This gives you 20 attempts in total.
  • You should make your 20 attempts consecutively: do not add up separate scores from different 3m attempts, 5m attempts and 7m attempts. Your recorded attempt at the target throw challenge must be made up of 10 consecutive throws at 3m, followed immediately by 5 attempts at 5m and then 5 at 7m.
  • Please note your Scottish Athletics membership MUST be up-to-date to take part, if you’re not sure if it needs updated please ask us.  Good luck and have fun everyone, any questions please just ask!