Here we go, into the 4th and final week of the Virtual National U12 Superteams competition!  We hope you have all had lots of fun so far!  This week we are moving into the longer distance run of 800m:

Week 4 – 800m Run

• A 400m route (to be run twice – out and back) or 800m loop route

The 800m run involves the farthest travel from the home. Athletes should have assistance from an adult in measuring out a 400m route (out and back) or 800m route (loop starting and ending at the same point) using a GPS device or other method of measurement. It is recommended that athletes walk the route with an adult before running their timed attempt, and all athletes must be supervised by a responsible adult from within their household whilst completing their run.

As in previous weeks, please get your results to Graeme by Friday. Good luck everyone, any questions just give us a shout!