Hi everyone, we hope you have enjoyed Week 1 of the Virtual Superteams event!

Week 2 is Throws week and we are challenging our athletes to throw as accurately as they can!

Here are the instructions, and there is a video demonstration on our Facebook group.

Week 2 – Target Throw

  • Tape Measure
  • A Target (such as a washing basket, dog bedor large bucket)
  • Pair(s) of balled up socks (any size or colour!)Using the same 5m distance as the shuttle run, a target (such as a washing basket, dog bed or large bucket) should be placed 5m away from the athlete. The athlete has 20 attempts to throw a pair of balled up socks into the target from the 5m marker. Each successful throw earns 5 points. You can throw the same pair 20 times, throw 20 different pairs, or anything in between to total 20 attempts.
  • This week takes lots of practice, so please have a few tries before recording your best result. ¬†As last week, please send your best result to Graeme by 5.00 on Friday.

Have fun!!!