This Saturday see’s the annual LAAA Road Relays, which will be held at Drumpellier Park, which has always been a great event for all the Club Athletes from U11 up to Masters 🙂

Thanks to all those Athletes who have returned their entry forms and please note and as mentioned over the past two weeks on Club Nights the closing date is Thursday 17th October.

Race Details & Timetable
For those competing on Saturday at this event for the first time, it is simply a relay race with each team made up of 3 Athletes.

All age group distance and times of when the races are as follows:

Please NOTE: As this event is a Team event, the Club will pay for the entry fees.

Entries Close 17th October
There is still time to enter 🙂 Please speak to Stephen if your interested in taking part.

Travel & Meeting Arrangements
As this is a local race and as most Athletes attending have advised they will be making their own way there, the Club have decided not to take the mini bus.

If there are Athletes that are unable to make their own way there, can you please txt Stephen on 07768 337 608 and we will make sure you get there 🙂

Can I please ask for all the Athletes to meet at the Club Tent at 45mins before their event.

Just a reminder, directions from Cumbernauld to Drumpellier Park Visiting Center are as follows:


@ Athletes – What to Bring with You
The current weather forecast looks dryish 🙂 however we will have the Club Tent with us to leave your Club Clothing whilst you are running. Can I please ask all Athletes to please make sure you have the following with you:

– Club Vest, Shorts and four pins;
– Long sleeved Top, Club hoodie, and Joggies;
– Hat, Showerproof Jacket;
– Running Shoes;
– Black bin bag to put your race clothing and running shoes into, which your parents will thank you for 😉
– Snack with a non fizzy isotonic drink.

For all those running on behalf of all the Club Coaches we hope you all enjoy the race 🙂