This Sunday (19th February), the club will travel to the Emirates Arena in Glasgow for the third match of the indoor league.  All of our age groups have done really well in the first two matches and some of our teams could potentially reach the SAIl final in March!

The team has been selected, click team-for-sail-match-3-copy to view.  Unfortunately, we cannot take all athletes to every event, but there will be lots more opportunities to compete over the coming months. In the meantime, here are some details of the arrangements:

As most people will be making their own way there, we will not be booking a coach, but if you need help with transport, please let Marika (07872 100436) know as soon as possible.  We are taking the minibus (at 8.00 from Broadwood) but it only has 15 spaces so if you need transport, you MUST let me or Stephen know before the day.  If you are making your own way there, please ensure that you arrive at the Emirates by 8.45 at the latest.

Please make sure you have a non-fizzy drink and a snack, and also a packed lunch for later on.  Ideally, we would like all athletes to wear the club vest if they have one.  If you don’t have running spikes yet, then running trainers will be fine.

If you are leaving the Emirates early after your event, can you please ensure one of the Club coaches is aware of this.  Also just a reminder that only designated coaches will have access to the Warm Up and Call Room areas.


When you are not competing yourself, please take the time to watch and encourage your fellow team-mates on!

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!