This Sunday we have 4 teams of our younger athletes travelling to the Emirates in Glasgow for the National Indoor U12 Superteams event.  Each team will compete in 4 events, and it is always a fun event for all those involved!  All athletes are making their own way there, so please make sure you are there for 9.  It is an all-day event, due to finish around 4, so please also ensure all athletes have a packed lunch, a snack, and water or non-fizzy juice.  Also, we would like all athletes to be wearing their club vest, so if you do not have one yet, could you please buy one for £5 at the club this week.

The following athletes are taking part: Girls – Evie, Melissa, Elise M, Keri, Grace, Kayla, Maia and Iona, Boys – Charlie, Ally, Angus, Kyle, Leo A, Grant, Christopher and Rory McL.

Looking forward to seeing our teams in action on Sunday, good luck to them all!