With Greenfaulds High School now available to use as a training facility, it was decided by the Club Coaches that it will only be the Middle Distance group that will move to Greenfaulds High School as of Monday 7th November.

Those Parents who are not familiar with who the Coaches are in the Middle Distance Group, these include, Stephen, Frankie, Grant and Rob – if your unsure which group your child is in, please ask them who takes their session.

All other Groups will train at Our Lady’s High School on the usual Club Nights.

If your in the Middle Distance Group Please Read the Following
We will be training at the following locations on the following Dates from 7.00pm8.30pm:

Monday 14th November:    Greenfaulds High School
Thursday 17th November: Our Lady’s High School (just for  one night)

Monday 21st November:    Greenfaulds High School
Thursday 24th November: Greenfaulds High School

Monday 28th November: Greenfaulds High School
Thursday 1st December: Greenfaulds High School

Monday 5th December: Greenfaulds High School
Thursday 8th December: Greenfaulds High School

If there are any changes to the above, the Athletes will be informed and we will post an update on the Club WebSite and Facebook Page.

Getting to the New Greenfaulds High School
Access to the new Greenfaulds High School is different from the old Greenfaulds High School, it is by the A73, on the Airdrie bound side from Auchenkilns.

When you arrive, please use the main doors.