30 Athletes, 47 events, 14 PBs, 17 medals (7 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze) and 2 Championship records! What an amazing weekend for Cumbernauld AAC at the West District Championships!  Last weekend saw our largest ever number of athletes competing in the West District Championships in Kilmarnock and they were all fantastic as can be seen in the results:



Calum Little, Heats: 4.44.48, Final: 4.42.65 (6th)

Cliona Ferguson, Final: 5.07.31 (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Cameron Richardson, Final: 4.10.48 (1st – Gold Medal)


Emily Miller, Heats: 26.53, Final: 26.40 (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Hannah Wallace, Heats: 29.13 (20th overall)

Emma Mair, Heats: 29.85, Final: 30.00 (7th)

Marta Majka, Heats: 30.16 (10th overall)

Triple Jump

Aimie Hendry, 9m 41 (4th overall)

Jodie Warren, 9m 14 (6th overall)

Arran Kennedy, 9m 02 (4th overall)


High Jump

Ellie Forest, 1m 28 (5th overall)


Amy Kennedy, 24m 11 (1st – Gold Medal & Championship Record)

Stella Coutts, 16m 44 (3rd – Bronze Medal)


400m Hurdles

Sean Kennedy, Final: 61.21 (1st – Gold Medal)

300m Hurdles
Sophie Hanlon, Final: 50.32 (4th overall)



Lucas Frew, Heats: 2.46.35 (13th overall)

Alasdair McMonagle, Heats: 2.16.49 (2nd overall), Final: 2.10.96 (2nd – Silver Medal)

Jacob Brown, Heats: 2.27.85 (13th overall)

Calum Stewart, Heats: 2.48.65 (18th overall)

Lucy Somerville, Final: 2.20.53 (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Hamish Coutts, Final: 2.05.81 (2nd – Silver Medal)

Victoria Robertson, Final: 2.41.62 (5th overall)

3000m Steeplechase

Cameron Richardson, Final: 10.00.26, (1st – Gold Medal & Championship Record)

Alicia Paton, Final: 13.23, (1st – Gold Medal)


Lewis Brown, Final: 48.50, (1st – Gold Medal)

Hamish Coutts, Heats: 57.66 (12th overall)

High Jump

Jamie Tobin, 1m 70, (1st – Gold Medal)

Arran Kennedy, 1m 35 (4th overall)

Amy Kennedy, 1m 35 (5th overall)



Cassandra Manfredini, Heats: 14.97, Final (unfortunately had to withdraw through injury)

Jodie Warren, Heats: 15.06, Semi Final: 15.22 (13th overall)

Emily Miller, Heats: 13.50, Semi Final: 13.50, Final: 13.46 (2nd – Silver Medal)

Beth Tobin, Heats: 13.39, Final: 13.83 (8th overall)

Louis Wishart, Heats: 15.10 (9th overall)

Adam Atkinson, Heats: 15.80 (16th overall)


70m Hurdles

Amy Kennedy, Heats: 13.81, Final: (unfortunately had to withdraw through illness)

75m Hurdles

Louis Wishart, Final: 15.90 (4th overall)

Jodie Warren, Heats: 14.00 (11th overall)

Aimie Hendry, Heats: 14.25 (12th overall)

80m Hurdles

Jamie Tobin, Final: 13.54, (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Beth Tobin, Heats: 12.77, Final: 12.98, (2nd – Silver Medal)

Sophie Hanlon, Heats: 13.81, Final: 13.59 (5th overall)

Shot Put

Stella Coutts, 8m 32 ( 2nd – Silver Medal)

Long Jump

Lucas Frew, 3m 84 (6th overall)

Hannah Wallace, 4m 33 (8th overall)

Aimie Hendry, 4m 40 (7th overall)

Marta Majka, 4m 10 (4th overall)


All the coaches at the club are extremely proud of all our athletes for their fantastic performances, well done everyone!